February 28, 2010

Baby Brain Bloopers!

Wednesday was a day full of baby brain bloopers.

1. Each day when I begin my lessons with my students who wear hearing aids we go through the same drill, they tell me about their week/day/evening and I test their hearing aids/FM systems to make sure everything is in working order. One of my students, I'll call him Bob, is in grade 6 and very capable of telling me if something is wrong with his equipment but we go through the drill anyway so that I know for a fact all is well.

Wednesday afternoon I sat down with Bob and he began chatting away telling me all about his weekend. He passed me one of his hearing aids and I slid my stetoklip onto the mould. A stetoklip is similar to a stethscope, it looks exactly the same with the two little bits that slip into your ears but it has a rubber bell on the end of it rather than a flat disc, the bell shaped object slides over the hearing aid mould and then I can hear what my students are hearing through their hearing aids through the stetoklip. Make sense?

Okay, so Bob gives me his hearing aid and I go through my routine of testing it while he chatters away. Ten seconds into his chatter I stop him and ask if he has been having any trouble with his hearing aid, he tells me he hasn't and I explain that I'm getting no sound through his aid. I ask if his battery might be low and he says it's possible. We change his battery and I test the hearing aid again: still nothing. Bob suggests that he listen to his hearing aid and he sticks it in his ear, he looks all confused and says "Mrs. M it's working fine!" I take it back from him and listen, once again I hear nothing. I suggest that I check the other hearing aid so he hands it over... same thing, no sound coming through.

Bob continued to chatter away and it took me another minute to realize what the problem was. I started laughing and Bob asked what was so funny. I told him I figured out the problem and suggested he might be able to as well if he looked carefully at "this picture" (while making a circle motion around my head). It didn't take him long to realize what I had finally figured out, the stetoklip works really well for listening to hearing aids when you place the tubes in your ears! Yep, the stetoklip was around my neck and not in my ears where it should have been. Brilliant.

2. I left the last student I needed to see today with the intention of heading back to my office to finish off some paperwork, I took the on ramp to the hwy and realized within moments that I was heading East instead of West. Unfortunately this meant having to drive another 15 minutes before I could exit and get back on the highway going the right way. Duh.

3. Feeling really greasy and sleepy after a long day so I decided to go upstairs and splash some cold water on my face. Turned on the tap, bent over and proceeded to splash a big handful of water onto my face... and glasses. Yep it would help if you remove your glasses before washing your face.

A day full of baby bloopers, he must be growing!

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