August 23, 2007

I can taste it

I believe that a true addict needs only a tiny taste of their addiction to be yanked back into a nasty downward spiral. Tina's cottage + crap weather = old skool Nintendo play = Dr. Mario = beginning of Jaime's downward spiral. I'm hooked. I forgot how fantastic that ridiculous game is! I'm thrilled to say that I came home from the cottage yesterday afternoon and was successful in locating an old Nintendo and a working copy of Dr. Mario within hours of arriving home! Thanks mom & dad for keeping everything of value (including our ancient Nintendo).

I'm even more thrilled to say that Jessy was hooked on the game after I introduced her to it this week so I'm dragging the box up to Wasaga for us to play when we get tired of the beach/movies/eating/drinking/reading etc. Yay! So easily amused.

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