August 8, 2007

What's Your Point?

Well here it is: entry numero uno on my pretty pink blog. I've been thinking about starting my own personal blog more and more lately and last night was the night that I took the plunge and went for it.

Why wait? I wasn't sure what to write, I was speechless. Those who know me will snort and giggle over that one. It is only on very rare occasions that I am at a loss for words. If you hear me say (or write) "to make a long story short" you may as well grab a glass of wine and park your butt in a comfy seat because you're gonna be listening for quite some time. I think my problem is that I have been lurking around blogs for nearly a year now and have found a load that I really really like and another load that I really really don't. I want to create a blog that I LOVE and I think that I've placed ridiculously high expectations on myself thinking that I need to come up with the perfect category of blog and a perfect looking blog. Since I couldn't decide what either of those were I put off starting one altogether.

So here I am. I was leaning towards starting a food blog since I love eating and figure it would help me improve my culinary skills while motivating me to come up with new recipes but I think I might have a hard time posting regularly on a food blog and those that I've seen have very little chatter in them. I love to chatter. I think that this blog is going to be a mish mash of things: random thoughts, photographs, updates on my life of craziness, a place to keep track of and share favorite sites/restaurants/stores/stuff, a venting chamber, photo gallery and who knows what else. Maybe part food blog? It's my blog and I can make it whatever I want right?

Why start a blog at all? I have a crazy busy schedule due to being in university full-time while working full-time, I am always on the go. I'm hoping that this blog is going to motivate me to take time to clear the clutter. I want to organize my life a little better and keeping track of my insanity somewhere might be the key, at the very least it is a step in the right direction. Being able to track what I'm doing on a regular basis might be the kick in the butt I need to get things done. No doubt I am very busy and don't have a tonne of spare time but in the spare time I do have I want to accomplish more.

So there. Told you I talk a lot.


tanzi said...

And I can't believe I spelled "you're" wrong...

tanzi said...

Your blog rocks!
Your a great writer, have created a really groovy, sex-in-the-city-esque layout, and the chicken pic is awesome!
Just remember that your life is more amazingly full than cluttered. Most of us could not pull off full-time work and full-time skill and still have the humour and grace that you do.
love ya babe and congrats on a groovy looking blog!!!

The Mommi said...

Hey Baby Girlz,
We just had our girls only lunch and it was really yummy...esp.the dessert.
I finally read your blog and I am impressed. Obviously you get your writing talent from the mommi's side of the family......
Anyway, keep on blogging......
Love you lots, hugs & kisses.
The Mommi (+)