August 19, 2007

Time flies

I haven't posted since Thursday because I've been crazy busy. Happily it has been 'fun busy' & not 'school/work busy'. Here's a quick (ha -- that's unlikely) update on the life of Jaime.

The powder room is complete! It's hard to snap pics in such a tiny space so here's one to give you an idea of what the colour turned out to be. Jessy described the colour perfectly when she poked her head in thursday night: "it's like a raspberry". Yes! That's it, our bathroom is like sitting inside of a giant raspberry and I absolutely adore it. Raspberries happen to be one of my very favorite berries and they are pretty to look at too so if you have a screaming desire to know what it would be like to sit yourself inside of one of these fabulous berries you can park yourself in our powder room and get a taste. No pun intended. We need to add some bits to the walls to give your eyes something else to stare at besides the blaring red walls but I'm waiting to find that perfect something to complete our little room.

Thursday evening was fun! I went to the outdoor movie night at Waterloo park with some friends (mom included). I can't believe we waited until the last movie of the summer to hit this event--next year I want to try to hit all of the shows. It was like being at the drive-in but without the noise of engines starting sporadically to ensure cars are going to start at the end of the show.

We watched Casablanca while sitting in our lawn chairs curled up in blankets with a pile of other people. I should clarify, we weren't curled up with other people, there were lots of other people there watching the movie with us.

What a fabulous movie! So many of those classic lines I've heard a million times and said myself: "Play it again Sam", "Here's looking at you kid", "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" - I had no idea they came from that movie. What a great flick! It's made me want to start watching old movies.

Mike was stunned to learn that I'd never seen
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
He thinks every girl has
seen the movie! I'm a freak in my husband's eyes. Well I was but no longer am (at least I'm no longer a freak for not having seen Breakfast at Tiffany's but no doubt he thinks I'm a freak for other reasons most days) because Jessy & I watched it on Saturday night! Loved it! I can't believe I have never seen the movie before. Audrey Hepburn is too cute for words and I loved her as Holly Golightly! Such a flighty bird, can't help but love her.

Jess & I got a kick out of the gear being worn in the flick. We spent Saturday shopping and so many of the clothes in the movie have crept back into style today!

Saturday was a superb day overall. Found a new movie to add to my list of favs and a new store as well! H&M opened in Cambridge on friday and the clothes are sweet! Cheap but cute. Bought a pile of new things for work and play--hello 2007 (welcome back 1985).

Friday was fabulous as well! Visited the Children's Museum downtown with my parents and my niece. Neve is hilarious and giggled her little bean off when we played with the giant plastic pin thingo (you push your hand, head, body, whateva against the pins and the outline can be seen on the opposite side of the wall). Eventually she braved the pins herself and thought that her own outline was absolutely hilarious. too funny. kid giggles... what could be better? wish we had brought a camera to the museum, oh well, next time.

Dinner at Shannon & Paul's in Burlington on Friday evening. Yum! Amazing dessert and yummy salad! I love seeing those girls and boys. Good times and lotsa laughs! and Shannon's little people are too freaking cute. Can't wait for Lisa's wedding next month. Seeing Shannon, Amber and Lisa twice in a month?! Lucky me!

This has turned into a novel so I'm going to sign off for now. Heading to, well I'm not actually sure where it is, Tina's cottage tomorrow morning with Jess & Colin for a few days. Sadly Mike has to work so he'll be on his own for a few days. I'll miss you baby! Be back on Wednesday with an update on the trouble caused at Tina's cottage!

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