May 21, 2009

Me Me Me!

I haven't updated you on what's up in my world lately so here's a quick look into the land of Jaime. I had a stupendous weekend filled with absolute silliness. It was a May 2-4 to remember thanks to lots of laughs with friends, good wine, fabulous food and a late night fire cracker session (no I did not shoot off any bottle rockets or smoke bombs, I wimped out and watched from the side lines).

I returned to work on Tuesday to finish the year off as an EA/braillist for the vision department at the school board I worked for before I began teacher's college. I have mixed emotions returning to work. It's fantastic to be working with my awesome colleague and friend Lori, it's good to be back in the schools and into a semi-familiar routine (I was an intervenor with children who are deafblind before while I'm working with children with 'just' visual impairments now) but sitting in the back of a classroom makes me itch to be standing at the front instead. I miss teaching and can't wait to get going with my new career come September (whether it be as a supply teacher, a classroom teacher, a spec ed teacher or some other teacher role).

The weather here was crap for the long weekend as it usually is BUT it has been absolutely mind boggling beautiful since Tuesday! I spent Wednesday afternoon at a track meet and earned myself a burnt nose and a ridiculous farmer's tan. Bliss! After being burnt I locked my keys in the car - thank you dad for rescuing me (again).

I'm sure I'm forgetting things but that's the gist of what's new with me. Tonight I chose to sew instead of completing an assignment - did I mention I'm taking an Additional Qualifications course in Special Ed so that I can apply for Spec. Ed positions? I know, I just can't seem to get enough of school. The result of my procrastinating can be found below. I love her! This chiquita is a pink version of Jessy Seeing Stars, of course she has a different lining and I added an additional star to her butt - very cute. Check her out in the shop.

What's new and exciting in your lives?

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tanzi said...

Love the pink bag, Babe! Very fresh and makes me think of "new beginnings". Who knew a purse could be so inspiring--very Sex in the City, I know.

Good to hear an update. I can imagine it must have been hard sitting on your hands at the back of the classroom. Frustrating! It will happen soon, though!
Can't wait!
Miss you. xxx