May 23, 2009

RIP Jeremy

Some of my regulars might remember meeting Jeremy the creepy head last year. This pic is from the first gardening post of '08 - a post worth revisiting just for the comments.

I spent yesterday on my knees; the garden is in and Jeremy isn't speaking in class or anywhere else this year. The head is dead. I left him in the garden over the winter and the winter killed Jeremy, he was busted into a zillion pieces.

In memory of the head I will continue to label my gardening posts with his name. If you spot a Jeremy post be prepared to be bored by veggie chatter.

I planted tomatoes, carrots, snap peas, red onions, green onions and broccoli this year. I'm skipping the peppers since they took up a lot of space and didn't produce much. Lettuce will be going in too but our fav, Butter Crunch, wasn't available so it hasn't been planted yet. Oh and a strawberry bush will be going in the corner garden once I get over to my mom's to dig one out. Yum!

1 comment:

tanzi said...

Um, I'm not gonna comment on your third sentence (first part of it) because that would be rude, dirty and immature.

Anyway, I'm saddened (not really) to learn that Ol' Man Winter stuck it to creepy Jeremy. Are you sure it was not some neighbour or friend merely looking out for your best interests, though? Thank gawd you have him memorialized via your blog where we can never be totally free of his disturbing grin.