May 17, 2009

A Must Listen

When was the last time someone made you a mixed tape? Lucky me was handed a gem of a CD by one of my all time fav girls - thanks Jessy! Jess handpicked a stash of sweet sounds for my ears to enjoy and Spoon's Don't You Evah was the first track to stroke my ear drums. Yep it's true, I've been thwacked with cupid's arrow: I ♥ Spoon.


Lois said...

Your right J.
Great group and I loved the song.

tanzi said...

Great taste, ladies! I stumbled upon them in my i-tunes quest for groovy tunes awhile ago. Hadn't heard this song yet, though. It's great! The other ones I have are from the same album. Funky fun!

Gingham Skies said...

I've only heard one other song from the album - you'll have to share when you come home NEXT MONTH! :) Yay!

Of course you love the song, mom... you've got great taste just like your daughter.