May 7, 2009

A Simple Pleasure

When I arrived home today I couldn't stop myself from eating the fantabulous chocolate cupcake sitting on my counter. Silly me forgot to snap a picture of it before stuffing it in my mouth which is really too bad considering it was one of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten in my LIFE and not only did it taste delish but it looked it. Thanks Miranda for the delicious cream cheese filled chocolate cupcakes you brought to the Fab 4 hook-up last night. Y-U-M! I need that recipe and when I get my paws on it I'll pass it along to all of you super cool readers.

In honour of Miranda's amazing cupcakes I went on a minor mission to find some yummy recipes. Not only did I find some great recipes thanks to TasteSpotting but I also found some new food blogs! Here are just a few of my fav finds from today.

Quick & Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes from The Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery (how is it possible I had never heard of this site until today?! Chocolate peanut butter is my fav combo in the whole wide world!!)

Margarita Cupcakes by RecipeGirl A definite party cupcake which I can't wait to make!
S'mores Cupcakes via A Homemaker's Habitat. Chocolate and marshmallow in a cupcake?! Mmm.

Cuttaloosa Carrot Cupcakes by A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen. These sounds delish: super moist and extra yummy thanks to the cream cheese topping.


Pattern and Perspective said...

Yum, these look good. Lollychops & Fujimama (bloggers) had a cupcake week last week. They had some interesting cupcake recipes. Next time, before scarfing down the cupcake, you should take a pic. I'm wondering what it looked like. I love fluffy cupcakes and I haven't had a good one in a long while.

Gingham Skies said...

I stumbled across Lollychops & Fujimama's blog while hunting for cupcake ideas: the Shirley Temple sounds ultra yummy.

I agree, next time I'll snap before I scarf. ;)