November 3, 2008


Keeping with the Thankful for 30 plan...

3. I'm thankful for chocolate peanut butter ice cream (but would be more thankful if I had some in the freezer), chocolate peanut butter balls (made by my grandma, chocolate bars and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Oh and Swedish Berries and Fuzzy Peaches.

Can you tell I'm craving junk?


Suz Broughton said...

Oh, I loved those Swedish Berries. I haven't had them in years!
I crave man-food type things--like chili fries and sloppy joes.

Kimber said...

Please please please send me your gramma's recipe for peanut butter balls! My mom used to make them but I never uncovered her recipe after she died. I would love to try my hand at them again.

Jaime said...

Mmmm chili fries and sloppy joes! That's a meal made in heaven. I haven't had sloppy joes in years!

Kim, I'll definitely send you the recipe once I dig it up. She makes the BEST peanut butter balls... so good in fact that I begged her to make a few hundred for giveaways at our wedding reception. :)