November 4, 2008

Who Am I?

Photo credit: Stanco on flickr

I'm so tired I'm not even sure I would know my name if it wasn't for blogger displaying it for me. This teachers college thang is making me very sleepy. Work, work, work, work. It's crunch time and there is an insane amount of work to be completed in the next two weeks. Thankfully I know my limit and don't stress myself out like I used to. No more working past 10pm unless it's to finish one of my 8 billion assigned readings; I'm less likely to whip a textbook at the wall after 10pm if I'm reading it for knowledge sake than I am if I'm reading it for the sake of a research paper. Trust me, I know from experience.

Only two and a half weeks until I begin my second teaching block placement, yep that means three weeks with twenty-seven 1o year olds followed by a three week break for Christmas, I can't wait! It's hard to believe I'm nearly halfway through my program... it seems like just yesterday that I posted this and now I'm only 6 months away from completing my dream. Time flies!

I'm relieved to say that I'm actually looking forward to my block with the grade 5 class, although I requested a grade 5 or 6 class I was nervous about it (which was the reason I went for it, figured I better grab the bull by the horns so to speak) but now that I've spent a few days hanging out with the teacher and the students I'm not worried at all. They're a sweet bunch of kids and the teacher is good, I think I'll survive. I'll be teaching a unit on the human body in Science, that should be interesting... not interesting 'hmmm', more like interesting 'uh-oh'.

Oops, I nearly forgot...
Thankful for 30 thought of the day:
4) I'm thankful for my cozy bed and cushy pillow made of that weird memory foam stuff; it's going to feel sooooooooo good when my lid hits that foam tonight!


Kimber said...

Keep plugging away girl - you will achieve your dream for sure! It will all seem like nothing when you finally get to the top of your Teacher Summit. I think actual teaching is nicer than teacher's college stuff.

Kimber said...

"It will all seem like nothing"

Let me rephrase that - I meant, you will forget all the pain of studying, learning, cramming when you are standing at the summit of Mt. Teacherdom.

Geez, maybe I'd better go back to English class?

Jaime said...

Lol! I knew what you were getting at Kim. :) Yes I'm certain to forget all of the pain - a bottle of expensive champagne will help with that no doubt!

tanzi said...

Sometimes keeping a bottle in your desk at school is helpful...

Still so proud of you!!!