November 6, 2008

Snip It Real Good

Recently I added the blog The Heart of Papercuts to my Sew Crafty blogroll. I'll be featuring the Etsy shop where you can buy beautiful prints of these phenomenal papercut pieces (for just $7.00) as my Fab Pic of the week (which should maybe be titled Fab pick of the Every Few Weeks) soon, not tonight though because I swore to not procrastinate and am already breaking that promise to myself. Holy run-on-sentence.

I'm in love with these and may have to treat myself to a print sometime soon. What a perfect decoration for my office...

Blech to homework.

I missed my Thankful for 30 yesterday so it's another double shot tonight:
5) I'm thankful that America made the right decision and voted for change! What a relief.
6) I'm thankful for the glass of red wine in my hand which gobbled up my headache and helped me to destress after one hell of a day. Oh, and I'm thankful for this Indian Summer!! I know that's an extra one but I'm allowed to be thankful for more than one thing each day right?!


Suz Broughton said...

These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love them.

muralimanohar said...

Aha...another papercut addict. :p

Jaime said...

Oh how I wish I had the patience and talent to create masterpieces such as these!