September 18, 2009

I ♥ U2

The U2 concert in Toronto on Wednesday night was the best concert EVER! They sounded unbelievably fabulous live and so did Snow Patrol who opened up for them.

I snagged a few of Joanne's pictures to share with you because in all of the shots I took with my cell the boys look like they're on fire and I don't mean "on fire" as in "damn they were so good they were on fi-ah!"

We were ridiculously close to the outer circle of the stage. Bono was in panty tossing distance in the shot below but I'm a classy lady and of course I chose to keep my gitch in place rather than whipping them at him.

I expected some serious lecturing from Bono on the horrible happenings in Africa and the generally brutal state of the world - which I should add I wouldn't have disagree with or frowned upon, I admire a star who uses his platform to make a difference rather than simply giving away cash for the tax break - but instead the focus was on what positive change has taken place since the global community has begun to work together to make a difference. Very cool.

A fabulous concert by an amazing band. There is definitely a good reason U2 has been touring for 20 odd years: they're freaking phenomenal.

Thanks for the photos and a fabulous evening Joanne!! Thanks to my Michael for the tickets!

Another one of my 32 bites the dust! Yippee!


Suz Broughton said...

I ♥ them too!

tanzi said...

So glad you went! I have only seen them once, but they were amazing way back in '86, too!

Good to hear they had some positive messages about progress in the world, too.

Yer hubby is a good man to give away his ticket. :)

EterKnity said...

It feels like a dream now!!! Were we really *that* close?? YES...we were.

I had an amazing time too. A HUGE Thanks to Mike for giving up his ticket. I was totally blown away. I always knew I was your favourite sister ;)

It was a night of firsts - including having a sniffing dog jump into the trunk of the car!