September 6, 2009

'Tri'-ed and Succeeded

We did it! All that triathlon training was put to good use this morning: Joanne and I completed the tri in just under an hour. I jumped in the water at 8:15am and Joanne hopped in six minutes later. We wanted to complete the race together so I waited for Jo in the bike transition area which added a few minutes to my time but Jo was kind enough to do the math and my final overall time was 56:26 minutes, which placed me 82nd out of 172 participants - the official results show me placing 116th but of course that counted my wait time.

A super humongous thanks goes out to Joanne who encouraged me to join her in completing a triathlon in the first place. I am sure I would have never attempted this if it wasn't for Jo; having her by my side throughout the event was awesome - she stuck by me even when I suggested she go ahead during the run (I was feeling sick) - and crossing the finish line hand in hand was a truly amazing feeling! All our hard work this summer allowed us to complete a major goal which means I can wipe one of my 32 Things to Do Before I'm 32 off the list! Woo hoo!

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EterKnity said...

What an achievement!! I'm so proud of you Jaime. Training with you this summer has been so rewarding. Not only did we get fit but we've also been able to spend some quality time together that's been priceless.

Thanks for being such an amazing partner and I look forward to many more years of sweat, hard work and goal reaching highs.

We did it together!!!!!