September 7, 2009

Yum This Week

Breathe deeply people, the excitement is unbearable.

Our menu for the week:
Mon: tacos, maybe... have yet to decide but I have a couple hours yet and have to make something out of what little we have in the cupboards since I have not gone grocery shopping and the stores are closed because it's a holiday for most (boo hoo, off to work I go)
Tues: grilled chicken salad (Asian dressing)
Wed: out (Mike fends for himself)
Thurs: chicken fajitas and birthday cake for the best mom-by-marriage a girl could ask for - seriously.
Fri: BBQ pork chops and potatoes with grilled peppers
Sat: Ribs - Mike's special recipe. Mmmmm.
Sun: Salmon on the BBQ with potatoes and maybe some corn on the cob


Kimber said...

Please, oh please, share your rib recipe with me! I have tried making them several times and the results have not been edible. Seriously. They were that gross.

Gingham Skies said...

I'll get Mike to write out the recipe and I'll post it - we don't boil ours at all but cook the crap out of them on the bbq instead; they're super crunchy and delicious!