March 13, 2010

A week of do what I want time!

It's March break so I have one glorious week off to do whatever I want! Mike took the week off too so that he can help me do whatever I want. hehe Just kidding. He did take the week off and yes we do plan to get some things done around the house but really I want him to reeeeeelax and enjoy the peace and quiet because in three more months everything is going to change... there will be a new boss in the house calling the shots. Eeek!

There are a few things I hope to work on this week and YES I know my list is ridiculous and I'm ridiculous if I think I'll actually get all of these done and YES I know I should take advantage of this week to rest my pregnant self. I am not saying I HAVE to get these things done but I'll definitely be piddling away at some if not most of them. So there.

Ugh, prepare our taxes
Finish painting the closet in the nursery
Paint the basement... maybe. I mean definitely. Definitely maybe.
Pick fabric for the baby's bedding
Sort out the nursery book shelf issue
Clean this disaster of a house (this could take all week)
Start organizing the garage - again
Finish my kidlets' IEPs
Start planning and organizing my sewing room
Paint the sewing room - Ha! Okay if I paint the basement I definitely will not be painting the sewing room but one can dream.
Plan for third term
Spend some quality time with Mike (while painting - hehe)

Hmmmm guess I better start prioritizing. Off to clean the kitchen, have a nap and then paint the closet. Maybe.

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Kimber said...

Good grief, it's called March BREAK for a reason, girl! You will be busy enough when bambino arrives. I say take this opportunity to sleep in, go for a picnic lunch with your man, rent lotsa movies and go for lotsa walks in the park. Screw all this painting and cleaning nonsense!!!