March 2, 2010

32 and Counting...

I turned the big 3-2 on February 20th... it was a relatively quiet but lovely day filled with paint and maternity clothes shopping, a movie while curled up in our new ginormous bed, Indian food (mmmm) and awesome music played ridiculously loud by my husband in a tiny club littered with extremely amusing people.

I don't feel 32 but then again I really don't know what it's supposed to feel like. I guess I believe the saying 'You're only as old as you feel' and if I was held down and forced to pick an age that would be impossible so let's say I feel twenty-something. I'm still figuring out out who I am and now that mommy is zooming to the top of the 'categories I fall in' list I have even more figuring out to do... I don't think that's a bad thing though, my hope is that my entire life will be full of self-exploration and discovery.
I was just looking over my list of 32 Things and although I didn't get to all of my goals I'm still stoked that I managed to accomplish some big ones (making a baby, completing a tri-athlon, running a 5km race, and teaching on my lonesome to name a few). I'm going to create a list of 33 New Things so you may see some of the goals that I didn't reach pop up on the next list!

Here's the final results of my goal wish list, I've added some comments in italics.

32 New Things to Do Before I'm 32
1. replace the most hideous light fixture on earth that I complain about every time I look a picture taken in our kitchen *a definite for my 33 list because I hate the light as much today as I did yesterday and the day before that and the day before... you see where I'm going with this.
2. learn to embroider *didn't get around to it but I will
3. Yoga *considering signing up for a class since my doctor suggested it today when I went in for a pre-natal visit
4. complete a triathlon *still feel fabulous about accomplishing this one
5. send a secret to Post Secret *realized I don't have any terribly juicy secrets that I want to share with the world (even secretly)
6. 30 km bike trek *early pregnancy and crazy long bike rides didn't mix well for me - picture me at the side of the road with my head between my knees while rocking back and forth as my sister-in-law asked "Do you think maybe you're pregnant?"
7. keep a diary for a solid two weeks
8. go hiking *one day
9. send one package a month to a faraway friend *don't think I managed to get one a month off but pretty close
10. try Geocaching *putting this on hold until my little man is here and ready to explore with me!
11. learn the names and uses of 10 local herbs/wildflowers *never did make it to out on one of Tina's nature hikes and knowing me I would have forgotten the names within a week anyways but I'll work on this one over time
12. make curtains they're simple but they're up!
13. paint the basement *planned for March break
14. sew something I can wear *definitely on the next list
15. paint the hallway
16. yum. make chocolate lava cakes from scratch.17. play Dance Dance Revolution *I can't believe I didn't do this! One day...
18. go see a band I've never seen in concert
19. recreate mom's amazing creamy cauliflower dish
20. swim 50 laps (no 20 one day and 30 the next does not count)
21. drive a scooter/vespa
22. make a baby (fingers crossed) *Woooooooo hooooooooooo!23. go snow tubing *Ummm pregnancy and flying down a snow covered hill on a rubber tube don't mix
24. begin and complete Teaching of the Blind Part 1
25. make a curried dish from scratch *why make it when you can buy such yummy pre-made sauces?
26. put up outside Christmas lights on the house *using the preggers card here again, oh and Mike's broken foot
27. take a pole dancing class *meh
28. make a track with Mike *definite for the next list
29. go roller skating *figured roller skating for the first time in 20 years might not be such a good idea with a baby in my belly
30. teach a class all on my lonesome
31. volunteer
32. run a 5km race

How is your list coming along?


Lois said...

I hope you had an awesome Bday baby girlz!
Good luck with that list!

John V. said...

Hey Kid,

If you want to come to Hot Yoga with me, let me know. Not sure if it will be too much or not but the offer is there.


Gingham Skies said...

Hey bro,
I'd love to join you but that will be a post baby adventure - I don't do so well in mega heat on a non-pregnant day so I think it would be too much for me in my current state. :)

I'll talk to you about it post baby for sure!

tanzi said...

Hey lady,
Could you make me a new tanya zip? (LOVE the name, btw...) ONe of my pink markers leaked all over it. :(

tanzi said...

Super impressed by your accomplishments, by the way. Here's to more discoveries and adventures this year. :)

Kimber said...

Way to go, J! I think you've done superbly well with your list.

I have a great recommendation for a Yoga studio if you're looking for one - Tanya and I used to go when we both lived in the 'Loo. I'll email you the addy. The teacher is wonderful - experienced and mature and funny in a quiet way.

Happy belated!