March 7, 2010

Welcome to the World!

Two of our best friends brought their son into the world on Wednesday March 3rd: congratulations Jessy & Colin!! Welcome to the world baby Reid!

Mommy, Reid and Daddy are all doing well. The plan was for Reid to arrive via a planned C section on Thursday but he showed everyone who the new boss is and came on Wednesday instead. Jess is recovering well from the C-section and the trio is now snuggled up at home.

As you can see Reid is perfectly perfect, he has the sweetest little nose and a head full of hair! Here's Uncle Mike falling madly in love with our new buddy.

Although Mike hogged Reid when we visited on Thursday I managed to snag him for an extra long cuddle on Friday. Holding this wee man in my arms makes me want the next three months to fly by even faster. It was super cute, while I was holding Reid, Smidge gave a few really good kicks (I'm sure he was trying to introduce himself).

I couldn't be any happier for Colin & Jessy, they have made one beautiful little boy!!

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