October 16, 2009

Just a Smidge

I can't believe it happened so quickly but it did! I'M PREGNANT!! Mike and I are super excited and truly couldn't be any happier. Only three months have gone by since we officially started trying, lucky us!!

We're calling our little appleseed Smidge right now because saying "it" just sounds wrong, he/she sounds like we are having a hermaphrodite (not that that would be a horrible terrible thing), and because the baby is so tiny right now that it's "just a Smidge".

Smidge is due on June 18th 2010 so this blog will remain secret until mid-December at the earliest - then again maybe it won't go public at all. I'm more excited than nervous at this point in time, little thoughts of 'what if something goes wrong' enter my mind every now and then but I'm tring to keep the thoughts at bay so that I don't stress unnecessarily. So far so good so why worry?!

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