October 26, 2009

Keeping Track of Memories

I have attempted to journal on many occasions and I usually fail miserably. I started for the 8 billionth time two weeks ago and I'm actually on a roll (for me), not writing daily but a few times each week and I'm hoping to keep it up.

Today while touring Orange Beautiful I came across this brilliant journal: One Line A Day. This is a five year journal with enough space to write one memory each day.

This little gem has been added to my Christmas wish list: Oh Miiiiike! :)


Kimber said...

Now that's a great idea. Sometimes a journal is too daunting if you are expected to write a big long meandering piece of blah every day (that's what blogs are for, right?); this one is perfect! Hmmm...how to HINT HINT to Tanzi?

tanzi said...

Um...you kids ARE keeping journals with your blogs! Be proud of yerselves. You're a lot more dedicated than I am.

Gingham Skies said...

My blog is more of a I WANT I WANT I WANT and I LIKE. :)