October 8, 2009

Not Exactly Wonderland

Went to the pool last night for the first time in weeks with my neighbour and new friend, Anne.
I am feeling the ache today in a major way. Swam for 45 minutes and incorporated the flutter board and foam leg stabilizing thingo: a great workout but hell I'm sore. Yowsas. I feel a bit like Alice must have the day after she fell in the hole chasing the white rabbit.

Been meaning to share some of these stunning images photographed by Elena Kalis.

Read about what inspired Elena to create a Waterland for this little Alice by visiting this site.


tanzi said...

Very cool! Her daughter is a natural Alice!
Groovy that the artist is from Russia. :)

Gingham Skies said...

Truly. These shots make me want to take underwater photos with a good camera and props! So fun!