February 13, 2011

Gigantic Decals

I'm always on the hunt for cool wall decals. We receive so many compliments on the huge tree in the Rockstar's nursery, it is a fantastic focal point. When he moves out of his room into his big boy room decals are definitely on the menu.

I found this shop e-glue and absolutely adore their collections!

I couldn't snag a photo but they sell individual decal creatures for the bathtub that are made especially for water so they can be placed in the bathtub without fear of peeling off. Fantastic idea! We have foam animals along the upper edge of our tub and the Rockstar loves staring at them but he can't reach them. It would be super cool to have a couple of these on the side of the tub where he can touch them.

The designs that initially caught my eye are the giga-kits. Superb gigantic decals that would look awesome in a child's room.

Don't be put off by the colours in the photos, you have your choice of primary and secondary colours - hop over to the e-glue site and see for yourself.

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