February 15, 2011

Tantalizing Tuesday

For the 8 trillionth time I'm going to try to get back into posting a recipe on Tuesdays. When I've done this in the past it has motivated me to try new recipes and I would really like to add a few new meals and treats to our rotation. The slow cooker is going to be used one a week so if you have any suggestions for recipes you think I should try please leave a comment!

image source: Amanda's Cookin

I was googling my fav combo of 'chocolate peanut butter' and came across a yummy new-to-me blog titled Amanda's Cookin'. These Chocolate Topped Peanut Butter Bars looked so delicious I had to try them immediately; the Rockstar and I took a trip the grocery store and during his nap I whipped up a batch.

I followed Amanda's recipe almost exactly and the squares are yummmmmmmmy! I especially like the addition of pretzels to the base. The salty/sweet combo is delish. When I make this recipe again (and I most definitely will) I'll make two minor changes: add a few more pretzels and subtract a little bit of the powdered sugar so that the middle layer is a little more peanut buttery. If you would like to try this fab recipe visit Amanda's Cookin'.

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