February 16, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #7: Bling for My Baby

This week's tast for the challenge was titled 'Midas Touch'. Bling bling! I wasn't so sure of this theme because I'm not a huge fan of yellow gold. After much thought I decided to use gold fabric paint on a hand-me-down brown hoodie the Rockstar had hanging in his closet.

I hunted online for free stencils and ended up at Lil Blue Boo (a blog I've been a zillion times) where I found an adorable robot stencil. I finally tried freezer paper stenciling using the tutorial I watched over at I Am Momma ages ago: I'm hooked.

Doesn't this photo kill you? He totally looks like he's posing, such a great little model. As soon as I ironed the stencil to the shirt I knew I wanted to add a little heart to the robot. A robot can't have just any old heart though so he has a star shaped heart.

Decided the Rockstar needed some bling on the front of his hoodie too and why not create a matching star-heart? I added a tiny initial letter because I was struggling to put the exacto knife down.

I'm loving Iron Craft!! It's motivating me to get going on projects (like freezer paper stenciling) that I have been itching to try. Wonder what the others have created, off to the flickr pool to find out.


Manisha said...

I love freezer paper stenciling! Great job on the robot!

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks, Manisha! It's super addictive.

shopgirl said...

I love it.