February 2, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #5: Be Mine

WARNING: Grams, Papa, Granny, Grandad, Aunts (both biological and pseudo) and Uncles DO NOT READ THIS POST IF you want your Valentine's card from the Rockstar to be a complete surprise!!

Iron Craft's challenge this week is titled Be Mine. It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted to pull together for this challenge: the Rockstar's first valentine's day card. Although I'm posting one photo of the finished product on flickr in the Iron Craft group I won't post any of the final photo shoot pics here at Gingham Skies until V-day. Okay, maybe you'll get one teaser but it won't show much because I don't want to ruin the surprise for the Rockstar's fans.

The fans are going to swoon due to the overwhelming cuteness of these pictures. I was literally rolling on the floor giggling over how adorable he looked while snapping the pictures (yes I admit I may be a teeny tiny bit biased but seriously it was ridiculous). Mike was rolling too but not on the floor: his eyes were rolling around in his head while he groaned and assured the Rockstar over and over again how he had absolutely nothing to do with this and how it was all "his mother's fault". That being said he couldn't help but smile (over and over again during the actual shoot) and did admit that the Rockstar was hands down the cutest cupid ever. I think all the groaning was for the benefit of the future teenage Rockstar who Mike feels will not be impressed the photographs his mom snapped of him in his awesome cupid gear at 7 months old. I would tend to disagree: he's going to show these pictures to his girl friends (not girlfriends, but girls who are friends since obviously he won't be dating until he's 25) and they are going to melt.

After all this hype I better show you a little something. The crafting I completed for this challenge included making wings as well as a softie bow and arrow. I was pleasantly surprised with my final results.

The Rockstar didn't have any issues with his gear and he didn't even bother much with the feathers which I initially thought would lead to a wrestling match between him and I (me trying to keep them out of his mouth and him trying to gobble them up). The softies turned out pretty good, I wasn't sure if they would actually look like a bow and arrow but I think they do - what do you think? The Rockstar love love LOVES the bow. The red elasticy bit is his favourite, he likes pulling on it and letting it go (my crystal ball shows me being whacked with many an elastic band in the future) and thinks it's absolutely hilarious when Mike makes a funny noise to go with the action.

Here's a shot of the original wings I made.

They ended up being waaaay too big so I snipped them down to a more appropriate size and added a ribbon to hold them in place.

And here's a sneak peek of the Rockstar: a quiet moment where he is getting into character.

Come back on Valentine's day to see the final valentine's day card I designed for the challenge as well as a few other pics from our photo shoot OR if you just can't wait and you're not a Grandparent of the Rockstar you can hop over to the Iron Craft flickr pool to see the card now.

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subliminalrabbit said...

oh. my. too much. too cute. can't wait to see the full photos!