August 11, 2009

Birthday Wishes

My brother by marriage, Paul, turned 40 on Friday and his fabulous wife, Joanne, threw him an awesome surprise party! The very cool Batman cake was created at Jirinas Bakery.

My nephews, Gabriel & Michael, had another surprise for their dad: a stellar Batman painting that they designed and painted all by themselves.

Happy Belated birthday Paul!

Another Happy Birthday goes out to my second dad aka father by marriage, Dave!! 59 years young today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

August is a big birthday month on Mike's side of our fabulous family so expect more birthday posts soon!


Kimber said...

Geez, I hope someone makes me a cool cake when I turn 40.

Hey, where are your fabulous weekly meal plans/recipes missy? I am missing them.

EterKnity said...

I just have to say that I couldn't have pulled off the surprise without you Jaime!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your help. Also, thanks to Mike for getting Paul to the party on time.

I'm still eating the batman cake but it's on its last legs! I enjoyed every last bite :)


Gingham Skies said...

Mmmmm cake. Joanne, you're welcome. It was my pleasure!

Kim, the plans will be back VERY soon. I need to start planning properly again - wasting food and money AGAIN thanks to the no plan route.

Blasé said...

AAH! BATMAN! The perfect birthday gift.