August 26, 2009

Sweet New Ride

The Super Sprint Triathlon I mentioned here is just 10 days away! I'm excited and nervous. The swim portion of the event is still the part that scares me most; Joanne and I went to a tri-clinic a few weeks ago which eased my nerves around transitioning from swim to bike to running, but the thought of swimming in open water with a pile of other people kicking and splashing around me still gives me butterflies.

Jo and I have been training hard and I'm now able to run 5km in about 30 minutes, I'll definitely be increasing my running distance once the event is over, thankfully we only have to run 2.5 km on the big day which ought to be a breeze (granted that's after swimming 350m and biking 10km. We've been completing some bricks (1okm bike ride followed by 3km run) and when we finished the other day we were both impressed with our time and the fact that we weren't stumbling around like drunk orangutans when going from the bike to the run (the term 'brick' is appropriate because you're legs feel like they're full of cement when you try to run after biking a good distance). We have both been training on our mountain bikes; I thought the reason I was working so hard to get moving was because of the fact that my bike is a heavy duty man's downhill bike but DUH it was because my front brake was sticking. In other words I spent 6 weeks training with my front brake on the entire time. Needless to say when I fixed the brake I felt like I was working way less and moving much faster.

Now I don't have to worry about sticking brakes and a heavy frame because I picked up my new baby this afternoon. This little beauty is now mine, check it out!
A Devinci Silverstone SL 1 roadbike. It's SWEET! I upgraded to Shimano Tiagra shifters which basically means my gear shifts are killer. They have a dual control lever which makes it really easy to change gears without having to move my hands from the curved handle bars. I changed the seat to a comfy women's seat and bought some super sweet platform pedals. A great big wet thank you smooch to my hubby for encouraging me to get the new bike - such a smart man.

I rode my new ride home from the bike shop and wow! The bike is so light and the tires are so skinny: I fly! It's such a different feel compared to a mountain bike. Heavenly! I definitely have the biking bug now. I can't wait to hop on my new ride tomorrow - I'm thinking a 20km ride is in order.

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