August 27, 2009

10 Thumbs Up

I'm working on a list of 32 new things to do before I'm 32 but it's taking me longer than I thought it would.... in the meantime here's a list of 10 things I have done since turning 31 that made me very happy.

1. sat in the front seat of the best roller coaster EVER
2. ate pink cotton candy
3. rode the swings at Canada's Wonderland (finally quenched that thirst)
4. watched monkeys playing
5. jet skiing
6. finished school
7. visited a new place: Huatulco, Mexico8. started running/biking/swimming regularly with my awesome sis by marriage Joanne
9. spent a month with the amazing Tanya10. pulled the goalie - time to make a baby!

I think I might make this one a regular, so often we talk about what we want to do but I think I should take more time to think about the things I have already done (both little and big) that I am grateful for.


Kimber said...

Great post! I smiled the whole way through reading your list...esp #10. All the best to you and your wing man...may you score big time!

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks, Kim!! :)

tanzi said...

Pulled the goalie??? That is hilarious! Never heard that term before. :)