August 23, 2009

Until Next Year

I miss my friend. Tanya spent a good chunk of six weeks with Mike and I, but alas her time ran out and she returned to Moscow to finish off the final year of her contract; I miss her. Tanya is the guest that everyone loves to have: she brings fresh peas to fill your belly and and beautiful flowers just because. Food, drink, gifts and fabulous company was supplied by Miss T during her stay. I thoroughly enjoyed every game moment we spent together. Scrabble, non-stop chatting, gelato and laughter is just a taste of what I have to look forward to when Tanya returns next year!

Thanks for a fabulous summer, Tanya!! I miss you like crazy!


Kimber said...

Sigh...I miss her too. I think you two were separated at birth...only, wait, you're like a decade younger than she is. Hmmm.

Jaime said...

Ooooh she's going to love that comment - a decade is stretching it ;)

It's strange how much alike we are, truly my sister from another mister. It stinks that she's so far away BUT knowing she won't leave us forever is a guuuud thing. :)

tanzi said...

Um, DECADE???!!!
I had tears in my eyes from reading your blog, Jaime, but Kim's comment dried 'em up really quick!
You guys are the ones who plied me with food, alcohol and good fun. I love you. Seriously. :)
Miss you heaps of heaps. xxx

Gingham Skies said...

Ha! Thought Kim's words might. ;)
Miss you more than you know, darlin'! BUT time will fly as it did this past year and you'll be back in the Loo before we know it. Yipppeeee!