October 8, 2008

I'm a Winner!

Yippee for me! I can't believe it, I actually won something. This is the beautiful book that I will be receiving in the mail sometime soon:

Talk about a flashback.

Mega thanks from me to Scribbler at Vintage Kids' Books for the fabulous giveaway. Be sure to stop by her blog if you are a children;s book lover - she blogs about the most wonderful books on a daily basis and the giveaways are an extra added bonus!


tanzi said...

I'm pretty darn sure I remember loving this book as a kid! I love the classic "Golden Books" style! What memories!

Congrats! It will be fun to read it to your little ones someday. :)

How did ya win it?

Jaime said...

I won it by leaving a comment on Vintage Kids' Books blog - she has regular giveaways and all it takes is a comment for a chance to win.

Right now her giveaway is a copy Eloise. I am tempted to enter but feel like I shouldn't because I won the last draw. :)

tanzi said...

I just saw an Eloise in Moscow book...gonna have to snag one. :)