January 25, 2010

Baby Brain

Dear Smidge,

Mommy appreciates the fact that we need to share my goods in order for you to grow big and strong but could you please ease up on the brain draining? It was a VERY long day filled with one DUH moment after another.

Mommy wants you to be a smarty pants but I'd also like to keep my job and if I continue to write requests like "Please send keays to me as soon as possible" instead of "Please send Barney's SEA package to me as soon as possible." I might be looking for a new one. The reply to the keays email went a little something like this: "I am waiting on a copy of the most recent report card from Barney's teacher. Once I receive it I will let you know so that you can pick up the package. Who or what is a 'keays'?"

More of today's moments may lead to the end of compliments like the one my boss passed my way today: "Do you really need to take time off to have your kid? Can't you swaddle it and strap it to your back in September so that you can return to work? I need you." I suggested she should remember this comment and that she should still "need" me in a year so that I can return to this same position.

Smidge, Mommy loves you and Daddy does too. Keep sucking up all the nutrients you need but you can ease up on the gas production; Daddy doesn't believe you're the root of the problem but you and I know the truth.

Wiggle away little nut!

Love always,
Mommy xoxox

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