January 19, 2010


People keep asking me if I'm having cravings. I keep saying french fries and leaving it at that. This evening I left my hair stylist after having this exact conversation and spent the drive home thinking of Starbucks tall decaf peppermint mochaccinos, Baked Lays (which I've mentioned to your Daddy 10 times in the last week), chocolate peanut butter ice cream with pineapple smushed into it (Marble Slab Ice Cream I think I would marry you if I was male and morman and if it was legal to marry an ice cream shop), Reese Peanut Butter Cups, green olives and cheese. I then drove to the grocery store and headed straight for the Baked Lays. I think I might be craving a few things other than french fries. *sigh* It's tough being preggers.

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