January 19, 2010

This Blog Rules! I mean THAT This Blog Rules.

My bro-in-law sent me the link to a new-for-me blog which definitely lives up to its name This Blog Rules. Paul's link led me to this crazy cool art (click on the pictures to learn more)

Of course I couldn't help but kill some time looking around the site after seeing this!

Definitely lots of cool things to see but the photos of animals in the womb took the cake. This one is my fav but there are a bunch of beautiful shots (the penguin is super cute and the dolphin too) to be seen if you click on the elephant.

Awesome blog! Thanks for sharing, Paul.


tanzi said...

Wow. Those teeny baby animal pics are amazing!

Gingham Skies said...

Incredible, aren't they?! Can't get enough of them.