January 20, 2010

Fancifying Your Blog

My second mom mentioned that she was interested in adding tabs to her blog so I thought I would see if I could figure out how to make this happen. The first thing I did was use this easy to follow tutorial and I ended up with some formal looking tabs that reminded me of the dividers you find in a binder. I was hoping to post a pic of the finished product for you but my computer isn't cooperating!

My second attempt involved using tutorials found at Tips for New Bloggers. Rather than going for tabs I created a navigation bar and then used this tutorial to move the nav bar into my existing header. The finished result is what you see on my blog today! I'm please with the result and think I'll keep it. I took the time to look up some additional basic html coding to ensure my links on the FAB BLOG page open in a new tab so you just have to close the page to return to Gingham Skies. I'll try to remember to add this code to all of the new blog/store links I list to make things easier for my loverly readers.

That's all for now! I'm in total declutter mode and my break is over so back to thinning out the house I go.


Bridie said...

Thanks a million Jaime - I can't wait to try this ....

Lois said...

I am glad you are decluttering.
Just don't mention it too often to dad...ok?