January 23, 2010

Tick, tick, tick

It's hard to believe but my birthday is in just 28 days. 32 is quickly approaching and as of 5 minutes ago I had only crossed 7 things off of my list of 32!! I've now wiped a few more off:

31. volunteer - I spent an afternoon last weekend at my old university assessing applications (experience profiles and essays) from wannabe teachers. It was definitely an interesting experience and I wish I could share some of the highlights with you but I can't... let me just leave you wondering and imagining by saying the words: Santa's helper.

30. teach a class all on my lonesome - Welllll I haven't taught a full class of 20 plus kids but that's because I managed to snag a FABULOUSLY wonderful job as an itinerant hearing teacher. I teach hearing impaired students one on one but I'm knocking this off my list because technically I'm teaching a class - it's just a very teeny tiny class. I love my job and hopefully things will work out so that once my maternity leave is done I can return to the same position. Fingers crossed!

7. keep a diary for two solid weeks - I've been writing in a diary for the last three months! I certainly don't write daily and sometimes it's more like every two or three weeks but it still counts. The diary is for Smidge: I'm writing my feelings, thoughts and memories of my pregnancy. My plan is to keep writing once Smidge has arrived; I'll use the diary as a place to keep track of important dates and cute things Smidgie does.

12. make curtains - I made some semi-decent curtains for my bathroom upstairs so that Mike no longer has to worry about my nightly "shows" for the neighbours. I'll post pics soon!

Woo hoo! There are four more ticked off the list!


tanzi said...

I love you! Smidge is soooo lucky. I can only imagine how beautiful, sweet, funny, teary and wonderfully amazing that diary will be.
Oh, and I'm desperate to know what the Santa's helper reference is all about. Reading through wanna-be teachers' apps? That would be better than eavesdropping on the staff room when you were just a student. Fill me in, sister.
Congrats on your progress with da list. You've reminded me I gotta get mine written!

Lois said...

Which bathroom?

Jaime said...

Hehe I'll fill you in when we chat next T.

Mom, the front bathroom (big one).