January 5, 2010

Baby's First Book

I was in Chapters today looking for books for a few little nuts I know and what did I spy on the shelf?

Yes it's a little board book titled Smidge, can you believe that? Obviously I had to buy it. I have a tonne of kids books but this is the first I have bought specifically for our baby and I think it's the perfect choice. Oddly enough our tiny Smidge probably looks a little like the monster on the front of the book right now - the awesomely fabulous BabyCenter.ca told me Smidge is about the size of an avocado right now and the Smidge on the cover looks like he would be about that size

I'll change the words on the final page of the story when I read it because I think the ending is booooring but I love the fact that there are words like "shmorgeous", "hyper-fizzy" and "mega-funky" found all on one fabulous page! The little oinker Smidge eats a tonne of yummy candy and turns a plethora of colours in the 10 pages, I love the simple yet colourful illustrations.

The book is written by Beth Soshan and illustrated by Jenny Arthur - check it out at Amazon.ca if you're interested in seeing more of the book.

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