January 30, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Yesterday was the big day: the 20 week ultrasound! We were super excited when we headed to the lab. I thought I might explode, literally and figuratively, I wonder if it was a man who designed ultrasound machines in such a way that a litre of water must be drank an hour before a pregnant woman has her bladder squashed?

The technician was absolutely fabulous! I wish every pregnant woman could have our technician, she was as excited as we were and made the experience that much better thanks to her bubbly personality. She took the time to show us all of Smidge's bits: fingers and toes, bum, spine, elbows and shoulders, brain, nose and eyes - we even saw the lenses of the eyes glowing. Seeing Smidge's feet was really cool - we could clearly see the heel and toes! Here's a shot although we saw them clearer than this:

At the beginning of the ultrasound Smidge was laying like this:

By the time we were half way through Smidge was breech:

Smidge definitely put on a show for us, flipping and waving and kicking and wiggling. I felt more movement from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed yesterday than I have on any other day - Smidge must have known it was an important day. The ultrasound was an amazing experience; one we will never forget!

Rather than have the technician tell us whether Smidge was a boy or a girl we asked her to write it down on a piece of paper for us and to tuck it into a little trinket box we brought. Our plan was to take the box out for an early anniversary dinner to open it together.

She loved the idea (thanks to Kelly for suggesting it) and obliged. When we left the lab we were giddy with excitement and of course, Murphy's law, we hit every red light and were stuck behind the slowest drivers on the road. We went to Wildcraft for a 4 o'clock dinner - seriously, did you think we could wait?!

We managed to hold off until our drinks were on the table and our meals were ordered and then we opened the box

And found out that Smidge is a...

Yes the pointy bit right in the middle of the picture is our little man's goods: he showed off his bits for camera just like we asked! Good boy!!

We couldn't be any happier than we are right now! Geesh it seems like I've used that line a 100 times in the last 5 months but each time it's true. Needless to say Mike was thrilled to find out we are having a son. It's crazy to say that: our son. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of having a son first, a big brother to look out for a future little sister or brother if we are blessed with more than one child. Of course we would have been equally as thrilled if Smidge was a girl. Now it's time to get planning, we have rooms to decorate, names to choose and a shopping list to pull together. Let the games begin!!


John V. said...

Hey Kiddo,

Congrats again, such great news. BTW since "Smidge" is kind of a feminen word (to me anyways). I am going to start calling my future nephew "Smudge" until there is an official name (like John)....maybe then as well :)

Love ya


Jaime said...

You're funny, bro!
Smidge sounds feminine? Hmm interesting. Well Smudge is just fine as long as it's said in a loving tone. ;)

Someone is going to have to teach this kid to fish and it certainly won't be me so I hope you're up for the job.

Love ya right back Uncle John
*j x

Anonymous said...

LOL John... I like that name.. Smidge, Smudge.. How bout.. BudZ I think that one is good.. Be's a guy... Hence Bud.. he's growing into a Bud... Z..
I love the way you did that jaime.. with going out for dinner to find out..
and I know exactly what you mean about drinking all that water.. and then they pressing on your bladder.. UGH... It was so bad with Chantal I almost pee in the waiting room and wait I did.. Mark had to go tell them that I was going to let it go there if they didn't let me release it.. OMG, Guys have NOTHING comapred to that! Yikes.. I think your right it was a guy who invented that and other uncomfortable things LOL..
Enjoy your last 4 1/2 months.. so much fun!
Love GREAT Aunt Nancy!