January 5, 2010


photo credit: Bob Fornal

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions but all good when it comes to baby Smidge! Mike found out in the morning that his broken foot will remain as is unless he has surgery - unfortunately surgery will leave him with metal plates in his food and the foot fused to the joint which means he'll be able to move it up and down but not side to side. The good news is that with the help of physiotherapy he'll be able to walk and possibly, hopefully, run after Smidge. The bad news is his competitive soccer days are very likely over. I know things could be much worse but that doesn't make his disappointment dissipate.

Thankfully our day ended on a fabulous note when we went to Dr. Baxter for a prenatal appointment. I've gained about 7 lbs since our first visit 3 months ago which my doctor was happy with and the first round of test results from our early screening came back clear! My hemoglobin is normal but on the low end of the scale which might explain the light headed moments I experience over the holidays, she told me not to go any more than three hours without eating and to let her know if the spells return. Three hours?! Holy smokes, I don't think I go longer than one.

We heard Smidge's heart beat again and it was beating loud and strong! Of course I couldn't stop a couple tears from sneaking out... what an awesome feeling it is listening to our baby. The final bit of excitement yesterday was booking our 20 week ultrasound, assuming Smidge cooperates, on January 29th we'll find out whether we have a he or a she coming our way! Super exciting!

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