January 10, 2010

Carrier Covers

Cara and I took a trip to The Baby Depot on Friday, I wanted the opinion of a fantabulous shopper/friend who has recently been through the mommy-of-an-infant stage.

One of the things we looked at and spent some time discussing was baby carriers. Cara highly recommended the Baby Bjorn for baby's first three months - she found that it was one of the few carriers that allowed her to carry Rosie upright when she was eensie weensie. Once the Roser started packing on the pounds the Bjorn didn't provide enough back support so Cara moved on to the Ergo which has a padded strap that locks around your hips; the strap on the hips allows your hips to support some of your baby's weight rather than all of it falling to the middle of your back. There was a carrier similar to the Ergo at The Baby Depot but I want to hold off on spending a good chunk of change on a carrier until the baby is here - want the little nut to test drive it before I leave the store.

A Baby Bjorn will definitely be in our not so distant future, Cara recommended checking Kijiji or Ebay for a carrier since they're over a hundred bucks in the stores and a quick peek at Kijiji proved that she is one smart cookie: there are a pile of them being sold in my area for $15-50 bucks.

Of course I'll give the used Bjorn a good wash when we eventually purchase a used one but I think I might also make a custom cover for it because Lucky Kitty posted the link to a FAB tutorial that looks super easy!

I'm going to start sewing for baby VERY soon! There are so many fun things waiting for me to make them.

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