January 30, 2010

Big Mac for Wee Michael

Mini Michael wanted a new bag for all of his dance gear. Joanne and I decided that a bag similar to the Baby Ben would suit his needs.

His initials adorn the front.

Two magnetic snaps and a large flap will keep his gear safe inside

Pockets to hold four pairs of dance shoes and a large middle section for whatever else he needs. There's also a 7" zippered pocket that's hidden by the shoes.

Similar to the Baby Ben this bag is lined with nylon so that it will easily wipe clean. This style has a few less pockets (Michael didn't need them) and rather than using a heavy canvas for the outside we went with a heavy vinyl - again super easy to clean and really durable.

Hopefully the little man likes the bag! We'll be presenting it to him today at his 9th birthday party! Happy Birthday Michael!!


Bridie said...

Awesome bag Jaime!!! Love the bright colour and the initials - just perfect for Michael.

EterKnity said...

Michael LOVES his new bag!! The pockets are perfect for his shoes and his little sticker book fits perfectly into the zippered pouch.

Thanks so much for all your hard work designing and making this bag :)

Lois said...

The bag looks great J.
Well done!