January 25, 2011

7 Months?!

7 months old and visiting the salon already! The Rockstar has been rubbing his eyes non-stop thanks to his pesky bangs poking his little eyeballs so we took him in today to have them trimmed. He sat super still and admired his new do in the mirror when it was all said and done (a whole thirty seconds after the scissors started snipping). A comment was made by the owner of the salon that he has a total Brit Pop style happening and Emily (his stylist) said that she didn't want to ruin his look so she was only taking the bangs up a bit and we can visit in a few weeks for another trim. Yep, The Rockstar used his good looks and sweet demeanor to earn himself a free fringe trim: well done Baby Boy!

Another big month around here for the wee man. Rolling from his back to his front is his new favourite activity, I found him on his belly in his crib yesterday morning and he looked awfully proud of himself. He's back to sticking his tongue out and making lots of sounds. Oh and there are the kisses, can't forget those: he has started opening his mouth to give kisses. We are now attending Music Together classes on Tuesdays with Jess and Reid and The Rockstar loves it!! Mommy does too, it's a fun outing and it tires out a certain someone to the point where I can move him from his car seat to his crib without waking him (a task previously considered impossible). If you are a parent and have never heard of Music Together I highly recommend that you check out the program: it's a stellar music program with songs that sound like "real" music.

Seven months and better than ever! I say it every month but I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. We are loving every moment with the Rockstar, it's hard to believe because I truly believed he was as awesome as he could get the moment he was born but he continues to surprise us and is more amazing each and every day. We love you little man!! Happy 7 months!

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