January 23, 2011

Do you believe in miracles? I do now.

image source: valche's etsy shop

If I had any doubt in the existence of angels and miracles before I certainly do not now. Mike defied the odds and walked away from not one but two major highway accidents early Friday morning. TWO! Yes that's two totaled cars (our Lexus and a rental car) and three people including Mike who managed to leave two terrible accidents without any major injuries. Nobody was hurt in the other vehicles either: insane.

Thankfully neither accident was Mike's fault, not that I would be concerned if they were - that's why they are called accidents - but it's one less thing for him to think about. Reliving the second crash every time he closes his eyes - it involved a lot of crashing, spinning, rocking and three lanes of highway traffic speeding towards them while they were trapped in the car sitting in the fast lane - is enough for one person to worry. Adding guilty feelings to the mix is simply not necessary.

To think that things could have easily ended very differently... well I'm trying not to let my mind go there. I'm just grateful to have a very sore but able bodied Mike home safe and sound with us. Miracles do happen and we have proof: he is the love of my life and his name is Mike.

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