January 13, 2011

Dodging the Draft

Iron Craft's challenge #2 was to create a draft dodger. You know the snakes or wiener dogs you've seen laying on the floor in front of people's doors to stop the wind from creeping in: apparently the official name is a draft dodger, who knew?

I made one for the front door, we need to replace the weather stripping and have been planning to do it for the past two years. This dodger should help keep the heat in and the cold out until we get around to it. Don't mind the less than lovely photo.

My dodger has an outside tube made of a heavy jean-like material that can be washed and the inner tube is easily removable and holds the beans which act as insulation.

I originally planned to have three little birds appliqued on my tube (think Bob Marley: "three little birds, sitting on my doorstep") but then I decided peek-a-boo circles were a better idea with this fabric. I still used some birds but there are more than three so disregard Bob.

I love that the little mermaid is checking out the birdies. Although you can't see her tail so really it just looks like a naked girl is checking them out: oh well.

There are some fantastic completed dodgers and you can check them all out in the Iron Craft flickr pool!


Flash said...

I really like the fabrics you used in this.

Kimber said...

One of the things I love about you is how you can make something that I would dismiss as "old-lady" into something so friggin' funktastic! Great idea. You know, if you made a bunch of these and sold them, the eco-folk would go granola for them.