January 31, 2011


I've been tossing around the idea of making a book for the Rockstar and then Prudent Baby linked to this FABULOUS creation by Megan of mousehouse.

I can only imagine how much little Amelie adores her book, I could sit and stare at the pictures for ages and the sweet bits in the photographs don't have any personal meaning to me. I'm stashing this idea away for future use (a perfect gift for the wee man once he gets to a stage where eating and ripping paper isn't a high priority).

I love when I find a fantastic idea for a new project and it's even better when a fabulous blog is added to my regular reads because of it. Thanks, Prudent Baby!

Until my book eating boy is out of the paper shredding stage I think it's safest to stick with fabric and board books. I've been hunting for a site where I can order a custom board book and I found three decent options: My Custom Story, Custom Board Books and Hullabaloo Stories. Custom Board Books would be my first choice but unfortunately they are currently closed and there's no hint of when the shop will be reopening. I think My Custom Story is the best available option right now. The reviews are all good except for one minor detail: the words MY CUSTOM STORY are printed in big bold black ink along the spine of the book. I figure if this bugs me as much as it does others I can fix it with a little tlc.

The other option is for me to make my own book from scratch. I think I might try this first and if it's a total disaster I'll go ahead and order a custom book online. Have you ever heard of Bare Books?? Awesome site with inexpensive blank books available for purchase. Less than $2.00 for a blank 5" x 5" or 8" x 8" board book! There are great options for older kids as well: check out the blank comic books. Who knows when I'll get this project started, I'm hoping sooner than later though so stay tuned!

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