January 5, 2011

A Belated Happy Ho Ho and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Another month gone with no posts, where do the days go?! I thought I would make time to post on a more regular basis but obviously that hasn't happened. I have a bunch of things to share with you: mostly cute tutorials and new blogs I've stumbled across on the iPod in the middle of the night while Kian sleepy nurses. I promise they'll be coming your way soon - if there's anyone out there still visiting my blog I'm talking to you. :)

I managed to complete a few little projects for Christmas and of course I've added a million more to my "TO DO" list. Christmas was the best ever this year: our Rockstar took all of the excitement in stride. He was his typical delightful little self at all of the family events and thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled by all of his grandparents, aunts (both blood related and pseudo), uncles and cousins. Here are my fav shot of the Rockstar with his biggest fans (his grandparents of course)

Of course Mike and I were also showered with goodies by both of our families and Mike went waaaaaaaaay overboard on gifts for me. I have a new point and shoot camera that is so small it fits in my pocket which means the Rockstar will never escape the Mamarazzi now. Here's a family 'self-portrait' taken with my new clicker:

Santa brought a super kickass highchair for the monkey boy: a SVAN. Absolutely love it, looks super cool and holds our little man perfectly (he tends to be swallowed in the classic plastic chairs because he's still such a slight guy).

On Christmas Eve the Rockstar turned 6 months old!! WHAT THE?!

December was the month of the roll! He's rolling from his tummy to his back happily now and will roll onto his side but has yet to roll onto his belly from his back, I'm sure it will happen eventually. Oh and Mr Man started sitting up by himself for fairly lengthy periods of time! Of course he tips over every now and then but he's really very stable for such a little guy.

A few days of a funny face (he looked like he was talking but no sound came out) led to "Maaamaaaamaaaamaaaa" and "baaaaabaaaaabaaaa" just before Christmas which was very exciting! We haven't heard much of it in the last week but that's probably because he's so busy "coughing" his "terrible cough" and sticking his tongue out (his latest tricks).

Ahhh yes and the big announcement: SOLID FOOD!! Cereal was a hit from the first bite, peas were hilarious (what a face!) but are now gobbled up without complaint, carrots have been introduced and are one of the most loved foods, prunes have solved our solid food belly woes and are enjoyed more each day and squash was introduced today and I think we may have a new contender for most loved food. Solids are our friend. We had a few rough weeks of sleep (another growth spurt along with too much excitement over the holidays I think) but the Rockstar is sleeping for good long stretches now and I thank the solids for that. We upped him to three small meals a day as of today when I fed him solids for breakfast (which doesn't normally happen) and this morning he had an hour and a half nap after just five minutes of rocking and cuddling. I literally dropped to my knees and thanks the sleep gods much to Mike's amusement.

New Years Eve was definitely not our typical shaker but we have started a new tradition which was wonderful: an evening with friends and the kidlets. I was thinking about it the other day and we have spent 9 out of the last 10 NYE with our good friends Colin and Jessy. They were blessed with a perfect little man just three months before us so they are in the exact same place we are which is really awesome. We spent the evening filling our faces, sipping some yummy bevies and (yes we are nerds) playing video games while the boys slept peacefully upstairs. Jess and I were out cold by 1pm and it was perfectly wonderful.

Did you make any new year resolutions?? Mine are simple: devote a little more time to ME and be more active. Two resolutions that are completely doable and go hand in hand. I went for a massage this week and have spent some nap time working on projects I've had on my 'want' list which means I've started working on the first resolution. I'll let you know how the second goes...

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season!

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