January 17, 2011

Buntings on the brain

This week's Iron Craft challenge is to make a bunting. I thought I was finished my project already but then Mike made a comment (he hadn't noticed a key element until I pointed it out) that made me rethink things and I'm now going to disassemble and fix it before saying it's complete. For me this is a big deal, I tend to take the easy route with my crafty bits and even if I'm not 100% happy with it I'll settle with a mediocre finished product just to be done with it. I want to stop that bad (for me) habit and this is the perfect opportunity to start.

Since buntings are running through my head I thought I would share a few cute tutorials I've found for those non-sewers out there who might want one of their own.

How About Orange shows you how to make a sweet little card with a teeny tiny bunting

Lil Blue Boo shares an easy no-sew bunting tutorial

A super cute Anthropology inspired leather bunting necklace tute over at Mandipidy

I lied, they aren't ALL no-sew tutorials. The last one involves sewing and it's not a tutorial but it's super cute so I had to share. A bunting quilt found at Little Birdie Secrets: LOVE this

Have you found any cute buntings online? Share them, please!

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