January 20, 2011

Serenity Wednesdays

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I pledged (to myself) to find some 'me time' in 2011 and not feel guilty about it: so far so good. We are lucky enough to live in the same city as both Mike and my parents and both sets LOVE spending time with the Rockstar so finding someone to watch the wee man is not an issue. Did I mention how lucky AND grateful we are for this, because we do realize just how blessed we are.

Yesterday I was a total mombie after a long night with a terribly sad little shark who is teething - that Tooth Fairy better not cross my path, she won't like what I have to say to her - so honestly the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed and leave the house. Unfortunately we had our first swim lesson of the year at 845 am ARGH which went really well until the Rockstar dropped his face into the water and took a big gulp (I'm not sure who was more surprised, him or me), The remaining ten minutes of class was spent sniffing back tears (his, not mine) and chewing on a rubber fish (him, not me) while snuggling in the pool. Poor little guy was out of sorts thanks to those nasty teeth.

As if an early morning outing wasn't enough for one tired mombie, I had a yoga class booked for 330 pm. I could have bailed but I said I was going to try to be more active this year and I'm sure I'll miss another class or two somewhere along the line for a legitimate reason (being tired just didn't seem like a good enough reason to me). The Rockstar's Granny came to play with him and I stumbled out of the house...

Was it worth it? OH. MY. GOD.

Yes that's appropriate wording because it was a heavenly experience. It's not that I haven't been out of the house since The Rockstar made his first appearance on June 24th, because I have. It's just that I haven't been out for an extended period of time doing something purely for me that doesn't involve me talking to someone (keep the smart ass remarks to yourself big bro) such as a hair dresser or massage therapist.

It was by far the best yoga class I have ever attended and that's saying a lot because I loved my pre-natal yoga classes. The instructor is fabulous (she's a friend and colleague who I thought would be a wonderful yogi and she did not disappoint), the space is one where you are instantly relaxed just walking through the doors (same place I did my pre-natal and Baby & Me yoga), and the 1.25 hour class was exactly what the doctor ordered. I left that class feeling like a million bucks: I couldn't stop smiling and I felt fully rejuvenated.

Did I easily clear my mind and focus on the task at hand? Definitely not but I was conscious of the fact that my mind continuously wandered to The Rockstar, dinner, The Rockstar, returning to work eventually, The Rockstar (you get the picture) and every time I realized I was thinking of something other than my breath/my body/my being I pulled myself back into the moment and concentrated on me at that point in time. Wow, who knew an hour could make such a huge difference. It was another long night last night and although I was super tired today it seemed so much more bearable than it did yesterday.

I can't wait for next Wednesday! Thank you, Wendy!


Kimber said...

I miss my yoga classes in Waterloo soooooo much. There are a few instructors up here, and they're okay, but I just haven't found the wonderful balance of peace and energy that my old instructor afforded me.

I really do think yoga is one of the most underrated things a woman can do for herself. So, Om, baby! Keep up the "for yourself" time! I think it can only make you a better mom.

Gingham Skies said...

I hope you are able to fund someone as fabulous as your old instructor. I really am a mazes at what a difference it makes ("it" being yoga itself as well as the instructor)