January 19, 2011

Flying High Baby Bunting

Iron Craft's challenge # 3 is titled Just Bunt. If you're a blog hopper I'm sure you've noticed the bunting trend: they are EVERYWHERE. I highlighted a few samples the other day but google "bunting" and you'll find a zillion more.

We've been planning to put our little Rockstar's name on the wall above his crib for ages so I figured I would knock that project off the list of TO DOs while completing this challenge. I found a sheet of cute little airplanes and clouds a couple weeks ago that the wee man was gifted from Grams & Papa last Christmas (2009: while still in my belly) and one little propeller plane was the inspiration for my bunting. Doesn't it look like it was built to pull a banner through the clouds?

I guess there's a bit of a travel theme happening with this bunting: a map, rocket ships, trains & trucks and polka dots were the fabric choices. Yes I do realize polka dots aren't really travel related but I ♥ polka dots so they made the cut.

Speaking of cut (insert laugh track here - yes I am officially a mom with the bad jokes and all) this super easy bunting provided me with the perfect opportunity to use my new pinking shears. They were a Christmas gift and it's ridiculous how much pleasure I get from cutting fabric with them. Rereading that line made me realize JUST how how much of a crafty nerd I am but I stand by my love of pinking shears dammit.

Can't wait to see what the other Iron Crafters have whipped up and of course I'm itching to find out what week 4's challenge involves.


subliminalrabbit said...

too adorable!

Rae said...

Yours was one of my favorites! I'll bet the Rockstar loves looking up at it.

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes the wee man really seems to like it, he looks at me like he's thinking: "it's about time" :)