January 8, 2011

The Princess and the Pea

I stumbled across Sewing In No Man's Land in the summer and ever since she posted the Princess and the Pea softie tutorial I've been itching to make a princess of my own. I finally got around to it just before Christmas. The tutorial is fantastic: super easy to follow and yes it does take longer to choose your fabrics then it does to whip up this sweet little number. Isn't that always the way?

My niece seemed quite pleased with the finished product which she received as one of her Christmas gifts on Christmas eve.

I paired the set with this awesome version of the Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child. I chose this particular book by this particular author because of the fabulous pictures.

Photographs of doll sized furniture and paper cut characters: perfection. I ordered it off of Amazon and was was super pleased to find that not only is it visually appealing but Child has a lovely way with words. I could read this story over and over again and hope Neve does.

I must order a copy for myself and while I'm at it I think I'll order ALL OF HER BOOKS because I read a page from each of those listed on her website and now I need to read every page of every book. There are few things as satisfying as finding a new (to me) author who makes me want to run out and buy their entire collection.

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