January 20, 2011

Challenge 3 Favs

There were so many fabulous buntings submitted for the Iron Craft challenge this week! I'm thinking I'll create a post featuring my three favourite Iron Craft entries following each challenge. Hopefully some will include tutorials: two of the three I'm featuring today do! Yippee!

Alright so here we go: my favs from Just Bunt and then I promise you I won't type the word BUNTING for at least a week.

Amy from Glitter, Vinyl and Thread made this stunning pillow and bonus: it's up for auction! Hop over to this post on her blog and leave a comment with your bid to get in on the action.
All proceeds will be donated to the Queensland Flood Relief via Make It Perfect (worth checking out the master list here to see the loads of awesome bits available to bid on).


This magnetic bunting was made by Chrissy from Hickety Pickety and I think it's my favourite entry this week. Lucky us!! Chrissy created an easy to follow tutorial so you can make one of your own. I'll be revisiting this tutorial eventually so that I can make a mini bunting for the magnetic board that will be going up in my studio (once the room is painted and revamped - assuming this happens in my lifetime)

magnetic bunting

Yum yum YUM!! A bunting made of candy?! No further explanation necessary. Oh, but I should mention that this amazingly brilliant piece of work was made by Jeromina from Paper, Plate and Plane and if you slip over there you'll find a tutorial p.s. loving her blog

Edible Bunting (100% candy!)

Fabulous work ladies!

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