December 4, 2009

Broken Bits

My husband is broken and I'm sad for him. At the end of August he broke his foot while downhill mountain biking, he flew off a ridiculous jump and when he landed his foot slipped off the pedal. He didn't fall off his bike, his foot just slipped but the slip meant his foot took the impact of the landing along with his bike's wheels. He has spent the last three months in and out of a boot, having to use crutches, seeing a physiotherapist and repeatedly telling the doctors that something is very wrong with his foot - he was continuously told that it was fine and would heal in time.

Three and a half months later and he's just now getting some answers as to what is happening. Found out today that he shattered a bone in his foot that is very difficult to break and one that cannot fix itself - the specialist said that in his 23 years of working in the field he has yet to see anyone break this particular bone in this particular way. Figures.

Now Mike is left waiting to see another specialist, the one out of five in our city who the doctor thinks MIGHT be able to operate and fix the bone. Brutal. Mike's handling it all very well, I'm impressed actually, he can't play soccer or basketball or do anything physical really and he's a super active guy especially in the fall and winter when he usually plays in 3 or 4 different leagues. Thankfully some other things are happening in our world which help distract him and of course he knows that it could always be worse.

Fingers crossed that he gets into see the next specialist sooner than later! I'll keep you updated.


Bridie said...

Raises the question - how many doctors does it take to read an x-ray? Now that the break has been identified, let's hope it can be fixed! Just keep bugging the doctors......

tanzi said...

I think maybe it's like sympathy pregnancy in a bizarre way. He now has to take things a bit more slowly with you.

I'm feeling tres positive on the specialist fixing him up front. xxx